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Chronotek Mobile

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Разработчик Alpha Creative, LLC

Replace handwritten time cards by using Mobile Chronotek! Employees can access Mobile Chronotek to clock-in/out, view their schedules and their time cards. Powerful for Supervisors who can check-in their entire crew, see who is on the clock, review weekly job schedules, and check live/daily/weekly time card totals to help monitor overtime. Chronotek Timekeeping is a smart time tracking service that is affordable, scalable, and indispensable.

Easy for Employees!
- Easy Clock-in/out with the Chronotek app
- No more handwritten time cards!
- Know your schedules; view live My.Schedules
- Keep up with your time; view My.Time Cards

Powerful for Supervisors!
- Simple crew clock-in/out
- 24/7 accessibility
- Manage employees without being on-site
- Monitor live time cards; see who, where, & when
- Receive notification of employees’ clock-in/out
- Late alerts can go to supervisors’ text or email
- View GPS location of all clock-in/outs

More about the Chronotek Cloud Administrative Site:

Since 1996 Chronotek has changed the lives of business owners by offering them a proven way to control labor costs and increase customer satisfaction. We know the problems that the service industry faces with labor being upwards of 50% of the cost of doing business.

Innovative employee management tools help solve the problems service businesses face with managing remote employees. Control employee overtime with live calculated payperiod hours. Capture travel time and mileage with Google Map data. Use Random Voice Verification to prevent buddy-punching. Send messages with a two-way voice mail through a Chronotek voice mailbox. Allow Administrators and Managers to view their dedicated group of employees with access to select Chronotek tools. A seamless QuickBooks API interface and many payroll exports drive the advantage point for our customers. Businesses know which jobs are profitable when they use our customized budgets that come alive when schedules and actual time are put against them.


Our clients trust us to help them with our timekeeping expertise as we strive to understand their specific needs. Chronotek’s remarkable Support Team is available through calls, chats, emails, and webinars to ensure a positive and personalized experience for each customer.

Invaluable. Reliable. Efficient. We are the timekeeping experts.